and here we have the differences between women’s and boy’s/men’s tshirts



Am I supposed to be mad about the price, or the insinuation that I, as a woman, need to be saved, but a man needs to be the hero?


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I <3 my Cats

I know I don’t have a lot of followers, but I just want to get this out there.
I finished watching The Paw Project, and it made me so sad. I have always known that de-clawing your cat was not right. And now I know it’s not only wrong, it’s in-humane. I would recommend that you watch this short documentary.

I just want to tell you a little story about my cats. I’ve gotten all my cats as little, itty, bitty kittens. The first one, Keke ( a.k.a Rowan but we never call her that) we got in 2004.

Which, by my great and powerful math skills makes her the big ole 1-0 this year. We found her when I was 16. I had asked my parents if we could keep her, and they said as long as she is de-clawed. Which, as everyone saw at the time, was fine. It was done the same time as the spaying, so it was like a 2-for-1 deal.
Well, she’s a miserable cat now. Refuses to cuddle, hides under beds almost all day. She will only let you pet her once or twice before she swats ( more like punches) or bites. She’s a beautiful cat, but hates everything. She still tries to knead things, and she ‘scratches’ her ‘claws’ on our laundry hamper. Everyone only thinks we have 2 cats because they never see her, she really only comes out for food. Now she is getting older, she seems to come out more often. She will only sit with my mom, but jumps off the second there is any movement. She doesn’t mind our dog, and I think that’s because my dog is terrified of cats so has never once tried to attack her.

I got another cat once I moved out. Niko. He was so little (at the time, now nearing the 25lbs mark).

And it was my decsion on wether or not to get him de-clawed. I had talked to a friend about it and she was incredibly against it, and told me it was because they had to break their bones to get them out. That horrified me, so when we took him in to get him neutered and the vet asked if we were going to get him de-clawed , I said no. The vet was relieved and said she always tries to talk people out of it.
He is now the cuddliest fluff ball I have ever met. He lets me cut his nails ( but only when he’s laying down and usually a little bit sleepy). I had new furniture and he scratched it. We tried putting tin foil on the bottoms of the couches and that didn’t work. We tried the rotten apple spray, and he just thought it was gross, but didn’t stop doing it. SO I just let it go. When he was doing it I shooed him away. My couches are pretty much ruined ( even though he has perfectly fine scratching posts and cardboard thingys). But I would rather deal with that then have him despise me like Keke. He cuddles with me, he constantly wants pets, he gives little stinky kisses on demand, he likes to be carried around like a baby, and he loves to play. He’s 5 now and hasn’t changed a bit ( just weight)

I moved back home, and got another cat ( I don’t know how it happened, I guess I just collect cats).

She is now 3, and she’s little and fluffy and a little bit stunted- Hense the reason why we call her Little Kitty ( instead of her given name of Yuki). I was 100% not getting her de-clawed, even though my mom tried to push it. She didn’t want her couches ruined. Well, A) her couches were old and gross anyway so who cares and B) did she not see how Keke acted afterward? Her answer was A) What if I want new furniture and B) she thinks Keke hates life is because one time she got out and attacked by another animal before we found her. ( In my opinion, she did get attacked. I think another cat tried to mate with her ‘cause she’s gorgeous and couldn’t protect herself because she didn’t have claws). But thank God I had the last word, and we didn’t get her de-clawed.
Little Kitty is the biggest cuddler. Especially when I am reading or watching tv.

She loves to play and be scratched and brushed. She, unfortunately won’t let me cut her nails or go anywhere near them. But she uses a wood piece near my bath room and her scratching pad. She still sticks to the carpet sometimes, but if I ever brought her somewhere to get her nails cut it would traumatize her. She still loves cuddles ( but she only likes girls, guys seem to scare her) and she kinda hangs out with Keke sometimes. But mostly she hangs out with Niko and they party and run around sounding like elephants and they clean eachother and eat together. Niko can’t go any where near Keke without Keke letting out a horrible sound ( which makes me think even more that another boy cat tried to attack her). 

This documentary was really hard to watch. To know that this was done to one of my cats, and I could have stopped it, pushed for it not to happen, really hurts. Humans and cats have 3 bones in their fingers. To de-claw a cat is to cut off their bone. Their nails don’t grow from the skin like ours, they grow out of their bones. If you cut off the tip of your finger, right where the first joint is, that equals to de-clawing for a cat. You are disabling them. Even if it doesn’t cause any infection or joint pain, it could still cause personality differences ( like in Keke). Cats that get de-clawed may also stop using the litter because it’s too painful, or start biting ( very painfully, as I found out with Keke as well).
Please, if you want to get a cat, weigh wether or not you can handle it scratching your furniture. Because if that’s the only reason you’re declawing your cat, it is a horrible, selfish reason. Watch the first 10 minutes of PawProject to see the damage it does. Would you cut off your dog’s tounge because you hate that it licks?
visit http://www.pawproject.org/ to learn some more.
I didn’t realize how long this was going to be, thanks for taking the time to read it!

Lefties Unite

… left-handers are secretly a superior race who are naturally born to rule the other 90 percent of society.

Just reading this article here, and it had this lovely little sentence. IT’S GUNNA HAPPEN

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most private thing im willing to admit: im not good at estimating how much pasta is enough for one person 

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“Racism isn’t born, folks. It’s taught. I have a 2-year-old son. Know what he hates? Naps. End of list.”

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Hummus (n.) a paste or dip made of chickpeas mashed with oil, garlic, lemon juice, and tahini

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the annual scholastic book fair was the only reason i didn’t drop out of elementary school

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Some of the funniest book dedications ever.

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me flirting 


me flirting 

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if you have a pet and i’ve ever visited your house: i’m sorry


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What are you trying to tell me???

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i cried


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PMS is a bitch.

The expression on that reproductive system though.



PMS is a bitch.

The expression on that reproductive system though.